Who I Am…NOT

I’m tempted to give you my pedigree – where I was educated, how many degrees I’ve earned, where I have worked and what I have accomplished. But I would be presenting my facade, an easier task than presenting who I am.

For many years, I crafted, polished and presented that facade in the attempt to justify my salary to someone who would probably never even meet me, much less observe me at my work. Tedious and definitely not life-giving.

Who I Am

I am a woman whose life is filled with deep joys and challenges. At times I struggle. I’m always filled with wonder. I love this life and I am deeply grateful. I sometimes look for the path of least resistance, but I’m drawn to the path of greatest growth.

I work with integrity and I care about those entrusted to me. As I trust my inner voice – my spirit – unexpected doors continue to open to reveal a richer life.

A Few Passions

I’m drawn to nature in just about every form, making music, teaching and coaching open hearts, growing good things, cooking (and eating) good things, hearty red wines and my remarkable family.

My Gifts

Listening, protecting confidences, patience, discernment, honesty and encouragement.

Those Other Details

I spent over three joyful decades in the university music world, first as a vocal coach/accompanist and then as head of vocal studies at New Mexico State University. My doctorate is from The University of Arizona with other degrees from the University of New Mexico.

I now live in the beautiful state of Montana with my wonderful husband, Steve Loy. I am a certified Life Coach with Martha Beck Inc.