About a year ago, I honestly felt like I was lost. I was literally stuck in a job that was fulfilling my financial obligations, but suffocating my creative endeavors. In my mind I knew what I wanted, what I NEEDED, but I was too deep in fear and denial to take the plunge. Martha, who may well be the most calming presence I have ever met, helped me overcome my fears and realize that my dreams were well within reach. Now, I have never been happier and I feel the music flowing again. I used to be skeptical about this kind of help, but I was wrong. The term “Life Coach” couldn’t be a more appropriate title for Martha. I truly believe she saved my life.

Justin R.Composer

Martha has helped me on my life journey by being a deep listener and a truly caring and trustworthy coach. Encouraging and sharing ways for me to decrease my daily stress levels, learning to accept and acknowledge my emotions, and letting go, has helped me immensely to a healthier lifestyle. I am grateful to Martha for guiding me down paths I most likely would not have chosen on my own, to dream and believe in myself.

Carol B.Administrator

Martha encouraged me to dig deep and find the feelings inside of me that were holding me back from moving forward in anything. She did this by asking me the tough questions and kept asking them until I could identify what I was feeling. She helped me find the inner confidence I needed to dream; negate the voices that told me I wasn’t good enough, smart enough, or deserving enough to have these dreams; visualize my dreams becoming reality; and begin identifying what part of those dreams I really want to achieve. I am now working step by intentional step on goals I set for myself, with Martha’s guidance, to make my dreams a reality in my life.

Erika M.

Working with Martha as my coach has engaged me in a freer and more genuine discourse with myself. As I am a deeply private and self-critical person, coachings have helped me open up more easily to others, to develop a more compassionate view towards everyone (myself included), and to translate big abstract ideas into practical ones. Since Martha has given me something of a self-examination toolkit, I am able to continue our work between meetings, and as I become more familiar with the process, our coachings become more fluid and efficient. I always look forward to hearing Martha’s cheerful voice on the line, because it very often leads me to delve into core issues I have been masterfully skimming over.

Tara K. Singer Theatermaker

Through coaching, Martha was fully present with me and showed me great compassion at a time in my life when I needed it most. Talking with Martha is like sharing your story with a wise and trusted confidant who brings out the best in you.

Caitlin S.Life Coach

Martha is incredibly open and present for her clients. She has an easy-breezy demeanor that immediately puts you at ease as a client and helps you to feel safe during every session. [She] listens carefully and follows her keen intuition, guiding me to enlightening places that I was unable to find on my own. I’m always pleasantly surprised at the discoveries I make when being coached by Martha! As a bonus, she’s lots of fun, too!

Bonnie U.Life Coach